Wattisham – Both Sides of the Fence


An RTS award-winning documentary detailing the story of an air station with a unique place in British aviation history. Also available to watch on Demand


Wattisham Air Station has a unique place in British aviation history. It was from here aircraft made the first bombing raid of the Second World War. It became a strategic base for the US Army Air Force in 1943 and played a vital role in the defence of the west during the Cold War era.

The aerodrome was also home to the world-famous Black Arrows RAF display team. Today, Wattisham remains one of the largest operational flying stations in Europe and home to Britain’s Apache helicopter squadrons.

Containing original interviews from people who helped shape history across the decades and fascinating archive footage, this is the story of Wattisham Air Station and the surrounding community, from both sides of the fence.

This is a Double Disc DVD programme. Total duration approx 99 minutes.

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