COLD WAR East Anglia – the Front Line


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A double DVD documentary film with ‘Bonus’ feature, exploring the front line of the UK’s defence during the Cold War. Contains significant original interviews, contemporary views of historic Cold War infrastructure and fascinating archive footage.

Running time more than 85 minutes.

Written & narrated by David Ellery

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East Anglia was part of the frontline during the Cold War and region of high activity in the defence of the UK and the rest of the western world. It was proliferated with British and American air bases and beneath the surface there were secret bunkers and installations monitoring and managing the western cold war effort.

Join us as we follow a Cold War trail of mysterious wartime infrastructure and meet some of the people who played a crucial role during this uncertain period in world history: from the man who developed Britain’s first atomic bomb, to the people who tried to have it banned; from those responsible for civil safety to the crews who defended our skies and could be ordered to drop a nuclear weapon at a moment’s notice. This is Cold War East Anglia, the frontline…

A documentary film on double DVD. Total duration approximately 85 minutes.


This film is also available to watch on-demand

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